Top Workouts for Staying Fit & Sane Over the Holidays

12 Days of Christmas - Workouts for All Levels

Strength | Cardio | Flexibility | Mobility | Low & High Impact

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During this FREE 12-day fitness program:

  • Full, follow-along workouts with personal trainer PJ Wren
  • Do any time you want (these are NOT live streams)
  • Daily emails to keep you accountable
  • 12 days of workouts, each one 30'ish minutes long
  • Strength, cardio, low impact, HIIT, core, stretching and mobility
  • Perfect for ANY level of fitness
  • The only tools you need are a pair of dumbbells & access to the internet
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Meet PJ.

Hey there!

I'm PJ—and I have been a personal trainer and fitness instructor for almost 3 decades. I have also earned numerous certifications in nutrition and fitness. 

My approach is simple. Give you a workout, with options for where ever you are in your fitness journey, in a fun and inspiring way.

I can't wait to teach you some of my top secrets for staying fit at home, for the over 40 body. See you soon!

Happy Clients

I was in such a rut from doing the same at-home workouts over and over. My enthusiasm was at an all-time low and I was not seeing any improvement in my fitness level. Then I found PJ. The daily emails gave me a different workout every day and each one challenged me to step it up without overwhelming my over-40 body and mind. Two months later, I’m in the best shape I’ve been since my 30’s!


For the first time, I have been able to stick with exercise, and that’s because of PJ! She changed the game for me. The way she sets up the workouts, her personality, and the way she explains everything so well. My clothes are getting too big and I can definitely tell my muscles are getting stronger. "


I’ve never felt healthier and fitter in my life. PJ has made such a difference to me especially through lockdown she’s got me and many others through it. If you haven’t already - sign up today. You won’t regret it, promise!

— Abi

I understand the over 40 body because I am over 40.

At 51 years of age, I know how to tailor workouts so you see the best results.

Because I know what it's like to have energy issues because you slept like crap the night before.

I also know what it's like to have knees that don't want to lunge and hop... for every single workout. Allow me to train you and teach you the best workouts for the over 40 body.

Workouts that will leave you feeling pumped for the rest of your day, as well as confident and strong.

PJ ox

What to expect when you join.

25 days of workouts, 25'ish minutes (I tried my best... haha) done daily.
Here's the run down and some FAQs:


Sign up.

Yup, that's the first step. Sign up here so we can deliver all the workouts to you!

FYI: all the workouts are hosted on my Fitness with PJ YouTube channel.

If you prefer doing this challenge without the ads that YouTube places in the workouts (as well have the opportunity to do them without the use of the internet on the app!), sign up for my free 14-day trial on my on-demand platform and app - Over Fifty Fitness.


Check your In-Box.

Once we receive your email address we will email you all the info about the challenge.

NOTE: please check your spam folder, or if you have a Gmail account your Promotion & Social tabs, if you don't see the email after a few hours of registering. If you don't see the emails in either of those places we recommend you try signing up again.


Join us on Patreon!

For more accountability we will send you a quick video tutorial on how you can follow the Fitness with PJ Patreon page.

This is a free account, so you won't have access to everything in the community, but you will be able to check in under the workout posts, and meet the other amazing women doing the Challenge.


Start with the group on December 1st.

These NOT are Livestream classes. They are YouTube workouts that you can click onto, anytime. Your workout of the day will be sent at 1 am PST starting December 1st.

Equipment: the only equipment you will need are dumbbells and access to a chair.

Note: we cannot send the emails earlier, nor are we able to resend any if you accidentally delete them.


Put the work in & reap the benefits!

These workouts were specially designed for this challenge and will offer you a great mix of strength, cardio, core, flexibility & mobility workouts.

I am very proud of the programming, and I spent months developing each workout so you get the BEST workouts for the over 40 body.